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Cutting & Styling

TRENDS can give you the perfect day or night do, we will do what you've asked for or if you want to leave it up to us we can dress your hair up or down depending on your need and occasion. 

If you have an occasion we'll have the right style for you and if you've seen something you'd like us to do, then bring the picture with you. 

Also we can give you a drastic makeover or just trim your ends, the choice is yours. 

We recommend that hair should be trimmed every 8 weeks by approximately 1cm, hair grows at a rate of approximately 1cm per month, in order to ensure you hair maintains healthy and vibrant. 

However if you decide to chop it all off then we can suggest the best style for your face shape and what best would suit your type of hair and your daily routine. To ensure that you are able to maintain the style. 

If you decide your locks are to precious then we can provide tips on how to help maintain the curls healthy and bouncy. 

Colour & Shade

Want the new autumn look or a golden tone for the summer, then you've come to the right place. 

Our professional stylists can provide you with a consultation, colour patch test and advise on what best suits your skin tone and facial features.

We have a large selection of hair shades, from platinum blonde to jet black or if you've decided to be bold then pink, blue or purple, the choices are endless.

or go with the latest trends Balayage is a freehand technique with low maintenance where the Colour is applied by hand visually rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. ( some cases we need to use foils in order to achieve the desired colour). if we use foil it is more likely that we need to apply toner as well, while Ombre creates a dip-dye effect with a block colour application to the bottom half of your hair for a more noticeable change.


TRENDS can provide various different treatments from the Keratin blow dry to a semi perm. 

If you dye your hair regularly then you may want to occasionally use Olaplex to help strengthen the hair elasticity.  

Or you can choosing to use hair glossing which helps improve the appearance of your shade of hair colour and assists in improving the conditional of your hair. . 


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