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We are excited to announce that our beauty area is undergoing a fantastic makeover to enhance your experience at our establishment. While we work diligently to bring you an even more beautiful and relaxing space.

we anticipate the project to be completed by 10th February which is Week 12th February.

Temporary Closure: During this period, the beauty area will not be available for bookings or services.

We'll Be Back Better Than Ever: We understand that you may be eager to enjoy our beauty services, and we appreciate your patience during this time. Rest assured that we are working diligently to create an upgraded and rejuvenated space for your relaxation and pampering needs.

Alternative Services: While the beauty area is undergoing refurbishment, we invite you to explore our other offerings, including eyelash and eyebrows treatments, and all our hair and Aesthetic treatments are available as usually.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community.

We can't wait to reveal the stunning transformation when our beauty area reopens. If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 07488587546 /

Warm regards,

Janeth Barrera

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Endospheres Body skin therapy

Is a non-invasive and innovative treatment used for various skincare and body contouring purposes. It utilizes a specialized device known as the Endosphères Therapy machine, which features a series of micro-vibrating spheres. These spheres are designed to provide a range of therapeutic and cosmetic benefits to the skin and body.

Treatment Overview 

Endosphères Body Skin Therapy is a versatile treatment used for skincare and body contouring purposes. Here's a concise overview:

Roller Device: This treatment uses a roller device with 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations when applied to the skin.

Controlled Stimulation: The vibrations and pressure from the spheres create controlled stimulation on the skin and underlying tissues, yielding several beneficial effects.

Lymphatic Drainage: Endosphères Therapy promotes fluid drainage, reducing swelling, fluid retention, and cellulite appearance in specific areas.

Improved Microcirculation: The therapy enhances microcirculation, reducing inflammation and improving muscle tone in the treated area.


Non-Invasive: Endosphères Therapy is non-invasive, meaning it doesn't require surgical procedures or incisions.

Customizable: The treatment can be customized to target specific areas of concern, making it versatile for various skincare and body contouring goals.

Pain Relief: Some individuals use this therapy for pain relief, especially for muscle soreness and tension.

Skin Tightening: In addition to body contouring and muscle toning, the therapy may offer some skin tightening benefits.

Endosphères Body Skin Therapy is suitable for both body and facial treatments. Its effects can vary from person to person, and a series of sessions may be recommended to achieve optimal results. Endosphères Therapy aligns with your specific skincare or body contouring goals.

How it works 

Endosphères Body Skin Therapy works by utilizing a specialized roller device equipped with 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations. These vibrations and the accompanying pressure create a unique mechanism that can have various benefits for the skin and body.
Here's how it works:

Mechanical Vibrations: The roller device contains 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations when applied to the skin's surface.
For the Body 

Body / Skin "Workout": The vibrations and pressure generated by the spheres create an effect similar to giving the skin a "workout." This mechanical stimulation is applied in a controlled and precise manner to the treatment area.

Lymphatic Drainage: Endosphères Therapy promotes the drainage of fluids from the treatment area. This can be beneficial for reducing swelling and fluid retention, particularly in areas prone to cellulite.

Improved Microcirculation: The therapy aids in microcirculation, which can have several positive effects, including reducing inflammation and enhancing muscle tone in the treated area.

For the Face:

Improved Vascularization: Endosphères Therapy can help improve vascularization, which supports the production of collagen and elastin. This can lead to enhanced skin elasticity and firmness.

Increased Oxygen Delivery: By increasing microcirculation, the therapy boosts oxygen delivery to the skin's tissues, helping to nourish and brighten the skin from within.

Muscle Toning: The treatment tones the muscles of the face, which can contribute to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, combating tissue sagging, and generally lifting and structuring the complexion.

Endosphères Body Skin Therapy is often used for both body and facial treatments, and its effects are believed to be beneficial for skin rejuvenation, muscle toning, and overall skin health.


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