EMS Body Sculpting


Contracts muscles beyond what is possible voluntarily, resulting in better muscle tone and enhanced fat reduction. 

How it Works

Uses Electro Magnetic energy to induce 50,000 supra maximal contractions, contracting 100% of muscle fibres for up to 100% of the treatment time and 60% more than what is possible with voluntary exercise
Induces rapid muscle contractions, not allowing targeted muscle to relax
Muscle tissue is forced to adapt, responding with deep remodelling, muscle building and fat burning
Works like building muscle tissue in the gym but to a much greater extent
Not for extreme weight loss, but best for individuals already in good shape; an 'icing on the cake' treatment 

Science and Safety of EMsculpt

FDA approved
Has undergone rigorous testing in studies using a variety of methods
Forces supra maximal contractions which cause all of the skeletal muscles to simultaneously contract in the targeted area
Body reacts to extreme energy demands of these contractions with an extreme catabolic reaction that results in dramatic release of free fatty acids. This causes muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle fibres) while also increasing the size of the muscle fibres already there


Each session is a 30 minute treatment focusing on one particular area of the body. (The abdomen or buttocks, however, will require two 30 minute sessions)
Protocol recommends 4 EMsculpt sessions within roughly a two week period, spaced two or three days apart
No downtime necessary after the treatment, you can immediately drive yourself home afterwards and return to normal activities. However, it is recommended to avoid a work out involving the targeted muscle groups for 2 days following treatment
During treatment, a paddle-shaped applicator is attached to the target area and delivers High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM). These EM waves bypass the dermal layer, engage muscles and stimulate a series of 50,000 contractions.


Zero down time
First technology to affect both muscle and fat cells
No Anaesthetic required, only 30 minutes per session 
Boosts metabolism; some EMsculpt patients have experienced as much as a 5x increase in fat metabolism
Aids in muscle recovery, helps rebuild and strengthen muscles after an injury in record time, in order to get athletes back on their feet faster. Also improves strength so training and recovery are faster and more efficient
Forces muscles to recondition and adapt to a harder workout, making weak muscle areas firmer and stronger


Studies show a 15 to 20 % muscle growth and fat reduction in the area after treatment
Demonstrates a 20% decrease in abdominal wall thickness, a 16% increase in muscle thickness and a tightening and narrowing of diastis recti by 11%
Feel tangible results right after treatment, however, positive results are seen 2 to 4 weeks after treatment
While body contouring is the main goal, this treatment also offers some skin tightening benefits by reducing sagging pockets of fat and strengthening muscle tone
Results resemble someone who worked out maximally with a trainer and ate well and controlled their fat intake for 6 months to one year
Can expect 16% muscle hypertrophy (enlargement of organ from enlargement of cells) and 19% fat reduction
Long-term results depend on how active the patient's lifestyle is. Some people maintain their newly toned body after treatment with regular exercise, but other patients return for more treatment as their maintenance. Maintenance treatments can range from once a year to once a month depending on desired results. 

Most Suitable For

Good option for patients recovering from an injury as it is a good way to rapidly strengthen muscle groups that have become weak
Best for patients who are active but have small stubborn areas such as excess fat on their love handles, or a thin layer of fat obstructing their six pack
Women suffering from Diastis Recti
Perfect for people who want to avoid surgery or more invasive procedures

NOT advised for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant
NOT advised for women with a metal based IUD (such as the copper IUD) or patients with implanted medical devices or metal pieces (such as pacemakers, screws, or plates)
NOT intended for a weight loss treatment alone and not recommended for new starters with a lot of weight to lose. Should instead be viewed as a final treatment for those wishing to sculpt their figure after reaching their ideal weight for stubborn pockets of fat

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