Professional Beauty Treatments


The lymphatic drainage massage helps move the lymph (fluid of the lymphatic system) along the drainage corridors and stimulates the lymph nodes (processing plants of the lymph and immune reactions), cleaning out the system.

This can be very beneficial for people who have sluggish skin, have had lymph nodes removed through cancer treatment, elephantiasis or fluid accumulation. (Our beauty therapist is a specialist in the Erika Fernandes technique )

Lymphatic drainage massage is also very good from time to time as a process of cleansing and decontaminating and decongesting the body; eliminating toxins and allowing the body systems to flow naturally, particularly if you are doing a body cleanse.


Our professionally trained and highly-qualified Beauty Therapists will ensure that your treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. Thanks to tried and tested methods, premium wax and strict hygiene standards TRENDS salon's 100% guarantees that you will be delighted with your waxing experience.

Our professional beauty therapists will try and make the experience as pleasant as possible for you, ensuring you are happy and satisfied with the service. 
Any questions or concerns feel free to ask before, during or after the treatment.


The Swedish relaxation massage is perfect if you want to de-stress after a stressful day or week, and will help you move around with more ease, and sleep more soundly. The Swedish relaxation massage is the epitome of massage therapies. A real classic: its purpose is as general as they come: to soothe the muscles, and relax the tensions of day to day life.


Depending on what the occasion is will determine the type of make-up you will require. 

Weddings, birthdays, opera nights out, proms or galas; we will make sure that we listen to your needs and provide you with a look that you'll love. We'll even give you tips along the way to help to provide you with similar looks. 


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